About Us

    For 15 years DCMA has been supplying businesses across Australia with unique wholesale clothing, accessories and novelty items. Whilst well known for our alternative fashion, we also have an incredible range of craft, scrapbooking supplies, merchandising displays and stickers. If you have seen a funny bumper sticker on a car in the last 15 years, chances are it came from us!

    Our range of wholesale clothing is right on the edge of convention, and will shock most modest folks. We are constantly sourcing new ranges and styles to keep your business on the forefront of alternative fashion.

    Dead Threads is the brand for Goth, Psychobilly, die hard Rocker and Punk Rock Princesses. It is a unique and uncompromising brand for the individual who loves being the statement. Anybody looking for originality cannot be disappointed with these designs, inspired by great icons of the past, made to leave onlookers breathless.

    Our own brand Shock Culture is a range of clothing and accessories with a deeper meaning and symbolism. Express yourself, your desires and emotions with some of the most full-bodied symbols known to the alternative fashion world. Spiked Necklaces, Nautical Stars, Skulls, Cherries, and Knuckle Dusters are just some of our favourites.

    Our warehouse is located at:

    2/28 Vale St, Malaga, Western Australia 6090 

    Ph: (08) 9249 7588

    Email: info@dcma.com.au


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    Specialising in: Wholesale Body Piercing and Illusion Jewellery - Wholesale Alternative Pinup Burlesque Clothing - Wholesale Funny Bumper Stickers - Wholesale Novelty Gifts - Wholesale Hair and Beauty Accessories - Wholesale Boutique Fashion Jewellery - Wholesale Costumes and Costume Accessories  - Wholesale Tattoo Flash Inspired Clothing - Wholesale Nautical & Maritime Australian Souvenir Jewellery - Wholesale Fairy Dust - Wholesale Craft Supplies and Beads - Wholesale Sticker Sheets and Scrapbooking Supplies - Merchandising and POS Displays